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Additional fees and disbursements will apply if:

  • the property you are selling is registered in both the Registry and Land Titles system (dual registration)

  • the property you are selling is subject to a contract related to a solar panel installation

  • my office is involved in preparation of, or amendment(s) to, the Agreement of Purchase and Sale

  • you are signing documents by way of Power of Attorney

  • any of the mortgages being paid out and discharged on your behalf are with a private (non-institutional) lender

  • there is more than one mortgage on title to be paid out and discharged

  • paperwork must be signed at an out-of-office location

  • there are any Legal Aid liens on title

  • any mortgages payouts require courier to out-of-town address.

  • the lawyer for the Purchaser(s) is located outside of Essex County

  • the property is not occupied by you as your principal residence i.e. rental or vacant

  • the property is a mobile home

  • the sale price of the home exceeds $500,000.00

  • preparation and registration of any documents on title as may be required to clear title or discharge any mortgages

  • the sale of the property is associated with a marital dissolution.

  • there are any outstanding work orders or permits against the property being sold.

  • my office has to hold funds in trust following closing for any reason.

  • there are any mortgages on title that were registered more than 10 years ago.

  • there is a Life-Lease involved.

  • any of the Vendors were on title for credit reasons only and will not be receiving any of the proceeds of the sale.

  • the property is a condominium.

  • There have been any transfers or mortgage discharges registered on title in the 6 months preceding your closing date (e.g. flip properties).

  • Power of Sale or other such proceedings have been commenced by your lender.


*Additional fees and HST applicable for obtaining a Clearance Certificate from Revenue Canada if required for non-resident Vendor(s), or advice provided in that regard.


Multi-unit dwellings: Please contact my office at your convenience to receive a customized quote for the sale of a multi-unit dwelling.

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