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Additional fees and disbursements will apply if:

  • one or more additional parties, who will not be residing in the premises, are signing the mortgage as mortgagors or guarantors

  • bridge financing is being obtained to close your purchase

  • a search of writs reveals one or more matching/similar name executions against the Vendor(s) or Purchaser(s)

  • your closing date is delayed or amended past the original closing date.

  • the property you are purchasing is registered in both the Registry and Land Titles system (dual registration)

  • the property you are purchasing is subject to a contract related to a solar panel installation

  • my office is involved in preparation of, or amendment(s) to, the Agreement of Purchase and Sale

  • you or the Vendor are signing documents by way of Power of Attorney

  • the property you are purchasing is located in a county outside of Essex County.

  • any of the mortgages being registered on title or discharged from title by the Vendor on closing are with private (i.e. non-institutional) lenders, or vendor-take-back mortgage(s)

  • paperwork must be signed at an out-of-office location

  • I am acting on both sides of the transaction (for Vendor and Purchaser)

  • The purchase price exceeds $400K.

  • Your mortgage company requires debts to be paid out from the mortgage proceeds.

  • Your mortgage is being instructed and funded through a 3rd party intermediary title insurance company (e.g. First Canadian Title)

  • Your mortgage is with Canadian Western Trust Company, First National Financial, Home Trust Company, Windsor Family Credit Union Limited, or CIBC.

  • There are more than two individuals taking title.

  • There are any mortgage brokerage fees payable on closing.

  • The mortgage being given is purchase plus improvements.

  • There have been any transfers or mortgage discharges registered on title in the 6 months preceding your closing date (e.g. flip properties).

  • The property being purchased is a condominium unit.

  • Any documents that would normally sign at the branch are required to be signed by you in front of me (e.g. non-branch fulfillment)

  • Multi-unit dwellings: Please contact my office at your convenience to receive a customized quote for the purchase of a multi-unit dwelling

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