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Single-family residential home/condo sale





  • lawyer fee for services

  • disbursements* (including faxing, mailing, copying, couriers and the Law Society Transaction Levy Surcharge)

  • HST

*The only fees and/or disbursements not included in the above figure are:


(a) any applications to, for example, The City of Windsor, or an Ontario Court, should same be necessary to complete your transaction (e.g. for a minor variance or severance, discharge of old mortgage, etc.);


(b) obtaining a current or existing survey of the property if one was promised to the Purchasers by you in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and you do not have one in your possession;


(c) Tax Certificate, if client is unable or unwilling to provide up-to-date property tax information in their possession or obtain written confirmation from the municipality themselves and provide same to this office, for the purpose of preparing a Statement of Adjustments;


(d) any Estate work which may be required in order to complete your transaction e.g. including but not limited to if the registered owner has died and probate must be obtained to convey title.

*Please note: to avoid additional fees, please schedule one single appointment for all persons signing



SPECIAL OFFER! Wills & Power of Attorney: for 2 Wills (basic spousal - mirror Wills, with one alternate Trustee) and 2 Powers of Attorney (basic combined financial & personal care, with one alternate Attorney), signed in conjunction with real estate closing: $425.00 plus HST.

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